I ask a lot of favors of my wife. But there is one favor I just can't bring myself to call in.

Cathy and Dave
Cathy and Dave

Relationships aren't easy.

Each one of my kids are trying to fit in, be a part of a crowd and connect with that special person.

Couples ask a lot of each other. I know it's true. I've asked Cathy a million times if I'm ready to be seen in public. If I've got something stuck in my teeth - or worse, something hanging out of my nose or a big zit that looks like a horn on my forehead. I want to look my best, and sometimes, I don't catch everything. She'll see things that I miss. Which is great!

I saw this list posted online. Things that couples do once they're really comfortable around each other. Really, really comfortable around each other.

I'll admit that, now that we have kids, we get some privacy and have some of our best conversations alone - - in the bathroom. Too. In the bathroom, too.

One of the things on the list I don't think I could ever ask my wife...

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I don't think I could ever ask to use her toothbrush. Goin' on a trip, stayin' over somewhere, I'm makin' sure I got my own! Okay, and deodorant. But I'm making sure I got my toothbrush. We stayed over in a hotel once. It's been so long ago, the only thing I remember is that is was before we had our kids. I forgot my toothbrush. So, I called down to the front desk and asked if they had one. It just wasn't the same. I couldn't wait to get home and back to my own toothbrush!

As close as Cathy and are after being married as long as we have been, I could never bring myself to borrow her toothbrush.

Would you ever ask you partner to borrow a toothbrush?


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