Science says THIS Make you look good to other people.

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I'm a dog lover. I'm a PROUD dog lover. Cathy and I have had a few of our dogs since they were puppies. She loves bassets. My favorite basset is that one from the cartoons. Remember Droopy dog? He was a basset.

Science figured out that puppies make people look better. Researchers showed pictures of guys holding puppies. They were seen as 24% sexier. They were also seen as more trustworthy and smarter.

Size matters. The bigger and older the dog, the less attractive a guy looks. So, apparently, the "big, dumb dog" label kinda rubs off on the owner.

0 Peanut
Does she make me look smarter?

Women, on the other hand, were seen as more attractive with an older, middle-sized dog.

I don't want to take anything away from cute ducks, owls or snakes. I want to see your Quarry Hill photos on Instagram and Facebook just like anyone. Seems like Science is going basic and Old School with domestic pets, though.

Are you a dog person? Does your dog help you make friends and start conversations?

Y'know, another thing Researchers found? Cats don't make ANY body look good.

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