Science says THIS Make you look good to other people.

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I'm a dog lover. I'm a PROUD dog lover. Cathy and I have had a few of our dogs since they were puppies. She loves bassets. My favorite basset is that one from the cartoons. Remember Droopy dog? He was a basset.

Science figured out that puppies make people look better. Researchers showed pictures of guys holding puppies. They were seen as 24% sexier. They were also seen as more trustworthy and smarter.

Size matters. The bigger and older the dog, the less attractive a guy looks. So, apparently, the "big, dumb dog" label kinda rubs off on the owner.

Does she make me look smarter?

Women, on the other hand, were seen as more attractive with an older, middle-sized dog.

I don't want to take anything away from cute ducks, owls or snakes. I want to see your Quarry Hill photos on Instagram and Facebook just like anyone. Seems like Science is going basic and Old School with domestic pets, though.

Are you a dog person? Does your dog help you make friends and start conversations?

Y'know, another thing Researchers found? Cats don't make ANY body look good.