About a year ago, I had a secret family outing that I was planning for my kids.  Life with teenagers can be challenging with schedules so I put an event on our Google calendar that we share that said, "Secret...do not plan anything for this time".  My first-born daughter, who checks our calendar the most, immediately started questioning what this was about and wanted details.  Me, also being a firstborn, showed her my stubborn side and informed everyone in my family that they would find out when we got there...and that they would also love this secret adventure.

Our secret adventure for the day was a place called Minnesota's Largest Candy Store at 20430 Johnson Memorial Dr, Jordan, MN 55352 (Get Directions Here).  The only word I can use to describe it is "epic".  My kids loved it!  Thankfully, I learned ahead of time of a few quirks about this store.  If you've never been there, check out the tips below so you are fully prepared.

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Is Minnesota's Largest Candy Store Moving to a New Location?

You probably heard the news in April when word started to spread that Minnesota's Largest Candy Store was needing to move to a new location.  The reason for the move was due to the upcoming Highway 169 grade-separated interchange project.  Having a road and access to your business is vital for success and unfortunately, this project was going to completely cut off access to the highway from the store.

PIVOT! As we learned first in 'Friends' and once again during the pandemic, being able to pivot is also important in life.  In the case of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, the plan was to pivot, or move, to a new location just east of the Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room as part of a land swap.  

That was the plan.  It sounds like the epic candy store is having to pivot once again.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Sounds Like Minnesota's Largest Candy Store May Not Be Moving

Earlier today, KARE 11 reported that soil testing was done on the proposed new location for Minnesota's Largest Candy Store but unfortunately, the land "would not be conducive" for the new building.

PIVOT! Once again, the famous candy store with the marigold-colored fence is changing its plans.  According to the news report, it will be staying where it is for now.

If any new developments happen, I'll post those on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  In the meantime, if you haven't gone to visit Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, add it to your family calendar by typing in "Secret...do not plan anything for this time".  No matter how frustrated your first-born gets, trust me, they will forget all about that once they start breathing in all of the sugar in the air.

Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston
Jessica Williams - TSM Rochester/Preston

What Its Really Like Inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

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