How can a simple thing, like a slice of pie, keep Mom around longer?

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Maybe you saw it in your newsfeed, too. Not only do I watch Betsy Singer, I follow her on Facebook, too. Her mom shared a great story from It was about how daughters can keep their mothers around longer.

According to science, loneliness is a huge factor affecting health as we get older. Tracy McCray hit on something very close to that yesterday. She found an article that says loneliness is a killer! As we get older, our posse starts to get smaller and smaller and we socialize less and less. Science even found that one of the factors that makes working remotely, from home, more stressful is not hanging out with other people.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco followed 1,600 older adults, and found that loneliness increased mortality. 23% died within six years of the study due to loneliness compared to 14% who had closer relationships. Those close relationships made all the difference.

What do you do with your mom? Antiquing? Do you work on craft projects together? Scrap booking? Quilt making? A regular Sunday night dinner with coffee and a slice of pie afterward? On top of the appointments that I take my mom to, I also take her shopping once a week.

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Right now, she's looking for a new coffee maker. Her old one just pooped out on her. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I'm looking for some help. Share your recommendation on The New Y-105FM Facebook page. It's something like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones searching for some kinda artifact!

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