As long as I live, I'll never forget how I proposed to my wife. SHE'll never let me forget it live it down, neither!

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I'm such a huge Friends fan because, basically Chandler and Monica's story is Cathy's and my story. I get to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend! Even their adoption is our adoption story. Except, Monica didn't have The Big "C". She was just infertile.

Cathy and I knew each other through high school. We hung out together. And then we started going out together.

We were on a date. I was working for a railroad company in the mailroom. It was a dinner cruise on the Star of Chicago.The wait staff danced and sang. After dinner, we went out on deck to look at the city skyline. Unfortunately, That side of the liner was so incredibly crowded all we could do was find a couple of deck chairs on the opposite side...under a full moon and a starry sky.

It was perfect.

Except...I had no ring. I also had no clue, either. It sounded so much better inside my head, but the words that actually came out were, So, where are we going? What do you want to do? Do you wanna to go steady?

You can just hear her roll her eyes can'cha?

See, I never had a girlfriend in high school. Cathy and I were friends. But she thought I was a geek. She was right. I was a comic book/sci-fi geek.

So proposing was kind of a spontaneous thing.

Nothing like what George had planned for Katie. They're from Ohio. George took Katie on vacation to Arizona and planned to pop the question at the top of Camelback Mountain, in Phoenix. So he makes her hike all 3,000 feet to the top. He proposes. She says yes. And she's so breath-taken that he's gotta call 9-1-1, because she's hyperventilating from dehydration. She's airlifted off the mountain. The paramedics eyeball George. He's lookin' a little peaked, too. So, the chopper swings back after dropping Katie at the ER for George.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnd scene!

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