Remember that whole, "What color is this dress thing from a couple years back?"

I was making the kids breakfast yesterday morning. Scrambled eggs and toast. The first slices of toast popped up in the toaster. I reached into the fridge for... Is it a tub of butter or a crock of margarine? Anyhoo, I reached in for one of those things. I set it on the counter and pulled off the lid, and lo and behold,


I had a photo to post on social media! I didn't have any butter or margarine to put on the toast either! Lucky I had a jar of grape... do you call it jelly or jam? I grabbed a jar of one of those and kept moving forward.

James and I had a good laugh over this. I was trying to show my surprise at just how EMPTY this container was that I grabbed out of the fridge. I LOLed at his comment.

From this perspective, looks like you keep your butter in the office trash can."

Sheila thought pretty much the same thing! first look i also thought it was a garbage can with something gross in it."

James also wondered if it was margarine and not butter. Which makes me wonder what I'm grabbing when I reach into the fridge!

Heather agreed with James,

That's not a butter container."

Maire was just as surprised as I that someone - teenagers! - would put a completely EMPTY and useless container BACK in the fridge!

Looks like my house, put the empty away. Why???

I know, right? Who does that? Teenagers, that's who!

0 Tub

So, the container is a "crock". It is also a "tub". With the lid on it looks like there should be somethin' inside right? No, still empty.

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