Has your dog ever eaten something strange? Something so out of the ordinary that you wondered how they did it? A story in the UK's Mirror recently highlighted a survey by a British veterinary-related website called Vets4Pets that asked dog owners to share the strangest things their canines ate in 2015.

When I was in middle school, I had a job delivering a weekly newspaper around our neighborhood which meant I had a lot of rubber bands laying around. One time, our dog got into the rubber bands and ate some of them. Okay, she ate an entire bag!

For the next several weeks, we had dog poop all around the yard that was filled with rubber bands that were all the colors of the rainbow! It was disgusting, but at least it made finding her messes easier and she wasn't harmed by eating the rubber bands.

Another guy here at the station mentioned that his dog had swallowed an entire used feminine hygiene product that the dog had dug out of their bathroom garbage can. I didn't ask him how they discovered that. Honestly, I just didn't want to know!

So, just what were the top ten listed in the Vets4Pets survey? Here's the complete list:

10. A Barbie doll head (minus the hair)
9. A baby's pacifier
8. Entire piece of corn on the cob
7. Christmas tree tinsel
6. A whole rubber chicken
5. A whole baked potato
4. A needle and thread
3. A carpet thread (it ran from the dog's mouth to its, well, you know...)
2. A horse-riding crop

And the top thing on the list was...

1. The underwear of the owner's "non-partner"

Yep, the dog ate some underwear AND got his owner in trouble for having an affair!

What's the strangest thing your dog has ever eaten? Does it beat these? Or a bag of rubber bands?