Yesterday was a big day for John Sievers, Rochester's Trombone Playing Icon. His face, his name, his trombone...they were all over Facebook because his trombone (and more) had been stolen from his car. But there was a happy, fun moment, too. The T-Shirting of John!

The John Sievers T-Shirt a Day Project has been a roaring success. Started during Rochesterfest as a way to honor and bring attention to local bands, businesses, etc, he started wearing a different local T-Shirt every day.

Yesterday was day 25! A big day by number alone.

So, of course, we went live with the T-Shirting of John Extravaganza!

(This is a very much shortened version of the Facebook Live video you can see HERE)


Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing / ThinkStock

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