Saw this at the Hy-Vee the other day. I'm not much of a Folgers fan, but sure, I'll give it a try. For you. Because I love you. And this...yeah, you owe me. 

OK, I kid.

Let's begin with the packaging. It's a nice tight plastic container, and inside, a bunch of coffee discs. Pellets, some called 'em.


You just grab one disc per cup of coffee. I usually make 8 cups (people come in and grab coffee from the studio all the time), and so I put in about 12 tabs because I like strong coffee.

When it was all done, the grounds look just like any other used-up coffee (great for getting rid of smelly hands...just rub the grounds on your hands like soap and rinse).

How'd the coffee taste? Let's go to the video...


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