I just noticed that November 1 was the birthday of a guy in Def Leppard. Remember their hit song 'Let's Get Rocked?' It came out in 1992, and because of it, Rick Allen taught me a lesson it took me years to finally learn.

Def Leppard was touring for Adrenalize, the CD after their massive Hysteria. They hit LaCrosse, I got tickets, and my girlfriend and I went. There was going to be a meet-and-greet with the drummer, Rick Allen, and so I wore my blue KROC jacket (so they could sign it) and literally practiced putting out my left hand while saying, "Hi, great to meet you!" .

On December 31, 1984, Rick Allen lost his arm, and almost died, in a car accident. So I wanted to get it right. Be smooth about it. Like it was no big thing. Show him how good a guy I was. Of course, it didn't go like that.

Instead, I walked up to him, introduced myself, time slowed way down, and in slow motion, I'm watching my left hand going out and at the same time, realizing it was his left arm that he'd lost, not his right, and I had it all mixed up...so I quick switch hands, and apologized profusely.

He said, "No problem, mate. Happens all the time."

It bugged me for a long time, not like an every day worry, but more like one of those "wince" moments. After living a lot more life, I realize I was making it about me, thinking of him only a guy with one arm, and trying to show how much I cared.

When really, if i wanted to show I cared, I could have just been myself and stopped treating him like he needs my help.

P.S. - Yes, I think about this kinda stuff all the time.