It's a wonderful time of year, Thanksgiving is around the corner, you can smell winter coming, but not for a bit yet, and The Turkey Bandit is on the loose with thousands of dollars to give away! Here's how to get yours...

The news hit us like a tidal wave...

(Stacks o'CashVille) The man known as The Turkey Bandit has escaped and, in a daring daylight robbery, made away with over $60,000 from the stacks of cash here in Stacks O'CashVille. Officials at the SOCVille Police Department say the only thing The Turkey Bandit left behind was a note!

This is not unexpected, as The Turkey Bandit, popular among adults and children alike, is famous for giving away any cash he comes across. 

Further investigation leads police to believe The Turkey Bandit will only operate this give-away during weekdays, and fans of the NEW Y-105FM will have  two opportunities to call and try to get some of The Turkey Bandit's money! You could win cash, $1,000!


Just listen for the Turkey Cash Call Gobble and if you're the 25th nationwide caller at 877-854-WINS (that's 877-854-9467) the $1,000 is yours!

Each morning at 7AM, James will tell you the times to listen to hear the Turkey Cash Call Gobble!

Want to win $10,000? You can do that, too!