With space at a premium in the MSP, you can get Airbnb's in Rochester, and they're nice. But it will cost you!I've used Airbnb many times, and yeah, I've stayed up to an hour away from my destination to save money. I searched and searched, and these are the two most expensive in Rochester. Would you pay it?

First, Liz's home is available. $1,000 a night. Six bedrooms, space for 14 guests, 3.5 baths, PLUS a movie room with theater-style seating, sun-room, and fireplace! Break it down, and each person owes about $80 after fees n'stuff. Not bad at all!

Now, for the most expensive Super Bowl Airbnb in Rochester.

Pj is your host, you get the whole house to yourself for $1,200 a night. What do you get? 3 bedrooms, 3 beds, and 1.5 baths. Wait...what? Liz's is $200 less and you get so much more room!  Sure, but Pj really kicks it up a notch!

We'll sure...the fridges are packed with food and drinks. Luxury transportation to and from the house and all the action in Minneapolis each night will be coordinated and included with your stay.

They're both great, but if the weather ends up screwing everything up, at Liz's place, I can watch the game in the THEATER! On the other hand, if the weather is even a little bit nice, luxury transportation to the game and around the city? Please...that would be awesome!

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