Back in June of last year, I was attacked for making the whole building smell. From upstairs, to downstairs, through thick oak doors. What did I cook?

I cooked lunch.


Every survey I've ever seen says fish, Chinese food, and microwave popcorn are the worst smells. I lucked out and my lunch was the fourth worst smell.

Here's how you avoid stinking up the workplace with your lunch!

Beautiful Businesswoman in Her Office Dreaming


Right now, you can put an end to the pet peeve anger, and get a Subway Classic Combo platter! Scroll down now and fill in the blanks, then every Friday Tracy McCray will randomly select an entry from all the entries and announce it between Noon and 1!

All week long Tracy will play songs from your entries, so get ready to dance!

Free lunch for everyone at work... thanks Subway, and thank you for entering!

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