Congratulations to Emily Berke! Her 'Love Story' is THE love story. see and hear it here!

Emily Berke and her sweetie-pie will enjoy a romantic dinner at the Elizabethan Ballroom, an overnight in the Kahler Grand Hotel, AND breakfast in bed the next day!

Emily's Love Story (scroll to hear her on the Y-105 Early Morning Show)...

Me and Josh have been together for soon to be 3 years we met my senior year of high school. We dated for a few months but decided that we should stop when I left for college and he left to join the USMC. About 2 years later we reconnected at a friend’s party while he was on pre-deployment leave.

After a few weeks of talking again we decided that we could not be without each other and started dating again two days before he deployed to Afghanistan. So our first 7 months together consisted of snail mail and poor reception during Skype calls. But after 7 months deployed and 2 years long distance between California and Florida we are finally together for good!