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What does Rochester like when it comes to the Y-105FM YouTube Channel? Turns out keeping your kids from peeing on the toilet seat!

I was looking for a video on our channel and realized how many of them I really liked, and it turned out, so did you. We don't make YouTube videos much anymore, but these have managed to rack up some pretty good view counts.



  • Mom Finds Solution for Boys Peeing on the Bathroom Floor (no it's not Cheerios)

    or, "Here's how to make the bathroom stop stinking!"

    It's not every day a mom calls to complain about her kids (and yes that includes husband) peeing on the seat, the walls, and the floor of the bathroom. Its even less often they ask for my advice, but thank goodness this time was different.

    I hate cleaning bathrooms, so to do it as little as possible while not having it stink like a bunch of 9-year-olds live there I had to accept one basic fact.

    Not matter what, there's no way to pee standing up that doesn't cause a mess. So the problem wasn't me, it was biology. That's why I came up with the EVERYONE SITS rule.


  • John Lennon Foreshadows His Own Death in 1964

    Recording from James Rabe's Dad's Archive

    It was the 60's, The Beatles were storming the world and especially the US with their special brand of rock. At concerts the screaming was so loud you couldn't hear the music. People were passing out, needing emergency service they were so excited and then over excited.

    My dad worked in Detroit in 1964, when the The Beatles came to town. My dad was in charge of setting up and monitoring the press conference, which is how we ended up with recordings. And in this particular clip, its eerie hearing John Lennon predict his own death. Click play and here for yourself.

  • 2nd Street Flag Waving Guy Update

    Meet the Man Who Captured Rochester's Heart

    I was driving on 2nd Street and saw Joe, the 2nd Street Flag Waving Guy, in the wildest outfit yet! I had to stop and get the scoop. This is a man you love, his heart is pure and his message is for everyone.

  • Mayo Clinic's Disappearing Building

    A Cool Google Street View Hiccup

    Sometimes Google Street View blends different videos from different times, and this time, it made it look like Mayo Clinic has a building that could turn invisable!

  • Y-105's Early Morning Show Podcast with MnDOT's Mike Dougherty

    How to Make Sure Plows Don't Leave HUGE Plow Poop In Your Driveway

    It was just ahead of a big storm, and I was talking to MnDOT Mike about what to expect on are highways, then we kicked out the best snow space planning ever. A way to make sure most of the plow poop runs out before it gets to your driveway.

  • Here's How to Make Siri Sing Bohemian Rhapsody!


    With over 11,000 views, this would be Y-105FM's most popular video, but licensing rules/regs meant I had to put it on my page instead. And all it is is showing how to get Siri to sing a hugely popular song!

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