Looking for a spooky spot to have a treat? Check out Minnesota's allegedly haunted Dairy Queen!

Located in St. Anthony, Minnesota, the DQ is supposed to be haunted by laughing children.

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Minnesota Haunted Houses:

This Dairy Queen is rumored to be haunted by the sounds of children laughing and the sounds of employees' names being called have been heard after closing. Suspicious orders print up that were never ordered by anyone in the realm of living and items have been know to vanish or fall loudly off the cooler shelves. Cold spots have also been reported here.

One former employee even commented on the Haunted House site backing up the claims:

I worked at DQ for about 2 years, and opening and closing by myself was always creepy. I didn’t hear “laughing children” but would feel like something was staring at me if I was alone in the back. The creepiest thing that ever happened was our bathroom door shutting by itself sometimes, and some things falling off the walls in the back, and hearing one of the the entrance doors open and close but nobody would be there . I sometimes would hear someone call my name a few times but I also would psych myself out lol , but nothing super bizarre. It is literally across the street from a cemetery though.

I've heard of haunted houses, haunted hotels and haunted forests, but this is the first time I have heard of a haunted frozen ice cream shop. I suppose I better stop to check it out... and maybe grab a Blizzard while I am there... for science, of course.

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