I am VERY bad at building fires. So, will I have more luck with old coffee grounds? Presenting the Java-Log product test! I was at Silver Lake Foods, buying the usual groceries, when I saw the Java-Log.


The Java-Log is made with recycled coffee grounds and as promised on the wrapper, burns bright and long (4 hours).

I like fire-logs because they're easy; they light easy, they burn easy, and they clean up easy. This one also burns HIGH, with flames way higher than most fire-logs, which makes it look more like cord wood burning. In the picture, you see the cord wood...I do that because the wood at the place I house-sit is unsplit, so a 4 hour fire-log is the only thing that'll get 'em burning well.

Here, see it in action!

PLUSSES: Lots of light, heat, and flames. Easy.

NEGATIVES: Smells like coffee before burning, but doesn't during. Expensive (I think I paid $6), but that is competeitive with other long-burning fire-logs.

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