A second restaurant closes doors. Maybe it's the location?

The Rochester Post Bulletin's Jeff Kiger posted that another restaurant in town closed it's doors. Just the other day, Sunday, diners noticed this sign taped up on the front door of Tinn's on South Broadway.

0 Tinn's

Tinn's wasn't even there a year! It opened in place of The Lost Cajun. I want to say that there was a convenience store or something there before The Lost Cajun. Maybe that's the real problem. Driving around town, some things just don't stand out. That's pure speculation. There's now word yet on why Tinn's closed. They still have three other locations:

100 1st Ave SW., Skyway Level, First Ave. Food Court

1219 2nd St. SW, Rochester

3462 55th Street, Rochester

Bummed that this location closed? Are three locations enough?

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