Moms are amazing! Especially Rochester moms. This is the second time in a week I've blogged about moms bringing something unique to our city - something that Rochester lacked. This time, it's a fitness class specifically designed for expecting and postpartum moms. It's called BIRTHFIT Rochester MN.

Birth is one of the most athletic events of a woman's life, and we should train for it! The classes are designed to help us to be more prepared for birth/motherhood. It's functional fitness that has strength and conditioning components so that you can carry that heavy car seat with your child in it up a flight or two of stairs, or easily get up from the floor without waking the sleeping baby in your arms. - Stephanie.

Stephanie Holst, a Rochester doula and avid crossfitter, along with Dr. Meggy Baukol, a chiropractor at Agape and Tang Soo Do black belt have teamed up to bring BIRTHFIT to Rochester.

At BIRTHFIT Rochester, you can do private consultations and/or group fitness classes. They also offer two different types of postpartum classes: The traditional postpartum series - 4-week session with 2 training days each week, or the breath and flow series - a 4-week session with one training day each week. The classes were created to reconnect moms with activating their core and steadily rebuild strength and endurance.

"All of our classes are appropriate for moms at any fitness level, and non-mobile babies are our favorite guests" Stephanie.

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