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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bigfoot - anyone else on the lookout for Bigfoot? No? Okay, just a few people then. Do people still search for Bigfoot, or did we all just agree it is the guy from the Beef Jerky commercials?

Regardless, there have been 73 total Bigfoot sightings/reports of a sighting in Minnesota and the most recent one was in St. Louis County in April of 2018. St. Louis County also has the most reported sightings with 20. Check out the Top 5 list below according to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.



There is an actual website that follows all the reports from across the entire state, which you can check out HERE. There have been a few possible sightings in Southeast Minnesota. Twice in Fillmore County when there were reports made by Spring Valley, and one other in Houston County. Either way, all these stories are freaky!


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