Four fire departments fought the fire in Oronoco, and the sub zero temperatures fought the firefighters!

No one was injured in the truly vicious house fire on Zumbro Hills Drive SW in Oronoco, but that's because fate put the family miles away in Pine Island, at a sporting event.

But imagine it, fire departments from Oronoco, Pine Island, Rochester, and Mazeppa, all trying to fight the fire in the bitter cold and with wind whipping around, and whipping up the fire? It made the going tough...

(Source: KTTC) "Right away, our first engine froze up. We had to move that out of the way and get a second engine established. That engine froze up immediately," Dolan recalled. "So for 10 minutes, we were without an engine until Pine Island showed up."

PS - How can you tell you're in a great community? Watch the video to see how people came out with warm coffee and pizza to help out. That's just the way it is 'round here.

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