Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The city of Rochester has received another proposal for a future use of the current Senior Center.

The City Council recently met to review two formal proposals for the old Armory building along North Broadway that were submitted prior to a March 31 deadline that was set by the Council. At this point, it's unclear how the Council will deal with the new proposal from a group based in Isanti that calls itself the Art and Science Academy.

The organization envisions operating a Charter School for Kindergarten through 4th grades, and eventually expanding to include grades 5 through 8. The academy projects its first year enrollment would be around 200, and predicts it would grow to about 360 by the fifth year.

The proposal calls for the school to open in the fall of 2018 with all of the operational, and maintenance costs covered through state funding. Based on the enrollment projection, the City would receive over $250,000 dollars in lease payments the first year, with that figure predicted to grow to almost $475,000 by the fifth year, with the Academy contends would provide the the city with adequate revenue to cover its costs and establish a reserve fund for future improvements to the property.

The Council previously reviewed proposals from the Rochester Arts and Cultural Collaboration and the Minnesota Veterans and Emergency Services Museum. Both groups were told the City Council could be ready to render a decision in a few weeks.

The building is currently used by the Rochester Senior Center, which is scheduled to move into a new facility at the Rec Center this winter.