Sometimes it pays to just be nice. In a world filled with road-rage, lawsuits, cyber-bullying and other types of anger, it's good to see someone not get too stressed out about the small stuff.

A woman in Michigan went to a local grocery store to pick up a sheet cake she wanted decorated for someone's birthday. She asked the employee behind the counter to put a message on the cake "Happy Birthday Mandy". The employee did as asked and the woman thanked her and took the cake without even really looking at it.

When she got to the check-out she noticed that the writing didn't look particularly good but just shrugged it off. The cashier however seemed mortified and brought over a manager. They offered to get the woman a new cake but she refused. They then told the woman that the employee who wrote the message on the cake had autism. Her daily duties didn't include decorating cakes, but she did her best in that moment to serve the customer's needs.

When the woman got home, she posted the story on Facebook which was shared by tens of thousands of people. Her message was simple: kindness is important!

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