Little girls everywhere tend to have a few common be a princess and to be a ballerina.  I did the whole "tap and ballet" class and had the performances with the cute costumes when I was little too.  Stage fright is a real thing and for a little kid - seeing all of those people out there with cameras pointed at you - it can be terrifying!

A little girl that was all dressed up for her big day had a little bit of that stage fright happen to her.  Her daddy, complete with a baby on his hip, came to her rescue!

Bella is her name and her dad saved the day.  She was already crying as her group was walking on stage for their annual recital.  There is always a lot going on backstage and during all the commotion, her dad was rushed across the stage to the side to try to help out on the sidelines.  Things didn't go quite as planned but with his help (and amazing dance skills while holding a baby!), the show went on and all the dancers were a huge hit!  Watch the video that was posted on Facebook...

What has your dad done for you that is truly amazing?  I'd love to hear the story!  Share it with me on my Facebook page.

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