It is embarrassing to say it, but I thought one of Rochester's best restaurants had closed. My sister and brother-in-law kept saying they were going there to eat. But when I'd go, it wasn't even there anymore.

Then my brother John, from LA, visits, and what restaurant do they suggest! Right, the very same! HA! I think I'll catch them in their game and discover where they were actually dining. It turned out, they weren't pranking me, I just didn't realize the restaurant had moved.

In 2003, La Poblana opened in the Barlow Plaza. And later, opened La Poblana 2. I didn't know about this new place. FOR THREE YEARS. I'm such a dough-head. It's up on 37th Street, right between Arrow Ace Hardware (which used to be a Hollywood Video) and Enterprise Rent a Car, (which used to be a Batteries+). I've driven by a jillion times and never noticed it.

PHOTO: James Rabe
PHOTO: James Rabe

I wrote this in case you thought it was closed, too. Nope! Just slightly hidden right there in the open.

The dinner in the picture? It's Enchiladas Rojas. "Four delicious enchiladas filled with your choice of meat or cheese, topped with avocado slices and cheese, served with rice, beans, guacamole, and tortillas."

La Poblano Restaurant

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