An Easter dinner with my sister and my brother in law. We had great steak, great asparagus, great wine, and, when it was all over, I stopped to enjoy a great sound at my car.

When I moved back to Minnesota, I was moving back to a lot of things. Something I didn't think about until today was I moved back to Minnesota sounds, too.

This is a short clip, but it's one of my favorite spring sounds. Maybe the best, if I'm judging based on "what sounds most like a new spring?" Birds chirping. They're back after the long winter, they're active, and they sound as fresh as the evening.

'Course, the dinner before prepped me for it. My brother in law does this thing with steak. It's a bit of time in the oven, a bit of time resting, and then finished on the grill. Add a clarified garlic butter and you are in heaven.

Add the rest of dinner, some wine, and a bunch of good conversation. Puts you in a good mood all around, right? Then I walked outside.

A perfect end to an evening Easter meal.


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