You must go here. MUST!  It's the Fort Bar and Grill in Fort Atkinson, Iowa, and it was the last stop on a Small Town Iowa Brewery Tour some friends and I took this weekend. The beer was good, but NOTHING compared to our dinner place.

WHAT? You had dinner but you're talking BREAKFAST tour? Yeah, my breakfast tour may have happened at night, but if you'll chill a second, I'll fill you in.

My breakfast tour just happened to be at night. Totally unexpected. We were supposed to eat at The White House Supper Club, but we didn't get a reservation, and we could not wait the 90 minutes. I hear the place is great, but we were starving, so down the road to this gem. It's a bar, it looks and acts like a bar. There are some tables. And everyone loved their food*.

I had the Flashburger, because...well, it looked like the kinda thing I should blog about.  So, I ordered it...hamburger steak with cheese, covered with crisp, but not too crisp, hashbrowns, and topped with more cheese, plus pickles and toast. I also added a fried egg and mushrooms. Take a look at it!

James Rabe for TSM - R

I went for the large, and tho I could have stopped 1/2 way, you know I'm no quitter. Sure, the mushrooms were canned. And the cheese was American processed cheese. It was the perfect comfort food for breakfast. If you're with someone, share it. But whatever you do, go get it.

They're open at 10 AM every week, which makes it a lunch and dinner place, but trust me, you're having breakfast, ok?

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