Over the weekend, we attempted to do all the fun summer activities only to get rained out. We were in Kasson to check out the Aquatic Center. The kids were able to head down the slides, climb the wall and jump off the diving board a few times before the thunder rolled. During our long intermission, we decided to grab lunch at a place we had never been - 504 Tavern.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

The food was spot on, the service was excellent, and the ambiance was way cool. One thing definitely stood out from the rest - the wings. The mouth-watering flavors were out of this world. We ordered Honey-Sriracha and Amazing-Asian. Not only was the flavor of the sauce incredible, but the breading was like a thin, crispy ozone around the chicken (my husband's words). It's a huge win in my book when you get more chicken in the chicken to breading ratio.

The kids give the burgers two thumbs up, and the nachos were also spectacular.

What restaurant/bar do you think has the best chicken wings?

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