There's something going on in Texas you have to see...and maybe even do. It's not just a graduate walk, it's a moment for the graduates to inspire younger students. There is almost no greater power than leading by example. BEING the change we wish to see. And that's what's happening in Van, Texas at the Van Independent School District.


Van is a small town about 75 miles east of Dallas and just like small towns here around Rochester, the children of Van grow up attending the same elementary, intermediate, middle, junior high, and high school. So, when the seniors put on their graduation robes and mortarboards, and start The Senior Walk thru the schools of Van, they're walking their history. The hallways lined with excited faces, high-fives, hugs, handshakes, and cheers, you can feel the excitement and emotion just looking at these pictures.

When the graduating class is done, Lynsey Admire, the Executive Director of the Van ISD Education Foundation, says it can be pretty emotional, and...

It's safe to say all the students who get to experience this walk finish with a huge sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy. As far as the kindergarten graduates, most are a little star struck by the big kids they look up to and are excited to get to do the walk with them and be cheered on by all the students lining the halls.

What a great way to celebrate the hard work of the seniors and inspire the younger students to follow the school motto, "After High School Comes College" Kudos to Van and other schools that have found a way to help students move forward, to grow, and to stretch beyond.

A special thank you to the Van High School Journalism Dept. for letting us use their photos. 

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