This Valentine's gift isn't my favorite but would have been perfect for my pregnancy cravings.  No, there are no little Jessica Williams' that will be showing up...I'm just saying that this would have been a good idea back when I was craving pickles and Cheetos.  Now that I think of it...this is an amazing gift for anyone doing that Keto diet too.

All I want for Valentine's Day is a big hunk of chocolate with peanut butter inside.  That right there is heaven.  Completely opposite of that is this gift that I found while searching "what to buy for Valentine's Day".  Now, if you have a pickle lover in your life, I just made you the best gift giver in the world.  You.Are.Welcome.

Check out the pickle bouquet that I saw over at Peace, Love, and Low Carb's Facebook page.  With a few items from the craft store, I'm thinking you could pull this together yourself for the pickle lover in your life.

Need a few more "traditional" ideas for Valentine's Day?  Check out this list story that lists some of our favorites:  Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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