Jeepers! Technology that will tell you when to sit down and be quiet?!

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Growing up a geek, there were three really cool gadgets. All of them watches. One was Jimmy Olsen's signal watch. He could press a button, and send a signal that only the Man of Steel could hear, and Superman would zoom in to save the day. Another was Dick Tracy's communicator watch. A video-phone right there on his wrist! And then, there was James Bond's detonator watch! Boom!

MIT is developing artificial intelligence in a wrist watch that will notify you that you're boring.

It will monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, tone of the conversation, long pauses, and how often you repeat yourself. Right now, it can detect "happy" or "sad" conversation with 80% accuracy! They're still working to detect multiple voices at once.

It won't be available for another few years, but it's supposed to help as a social coach on things like first dates and job interviews. It'll vibrate to let you know that you're boring. Which is probably better than having someone yawn in your face.



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