Another legendary celebrity has left us.

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The original The Man From UNCLE, Robert Vaughn, has died at 83 from acute Leukemia. The Man From UNCLE and Vaughn's character on the '60's spy series, Napoleon Solo, were developed by Ian Fleming who created James Bond. The character, Napoleon Solo first appeared in the Bond film Goldfinger. He was a shady underworld figure that was quickly and easily dispatched. SPOILER ALERT: He was shot and then crushed in a car. The Man From UNCLE was part of the '60's spy craze. Kinda like Beatlemania, if the Fab Four were spies. Even though I didn't watch the show much, I know a lot of the trivia, because my Dad was a huge James Bond fan.

His first date with Mom was dinner -  and danger - with Dr. No, the first James Bond flick. Every year, when the James Bond marathons started on television, we'd all watch 'em.

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"Everybody" has been saying what a terrible year this has been for celebrity deaths. A lot of our favorite legends have been passing away. My dad lived to be 70. Robert Vaughn had a full career and a very long life. he passed away at 83. I'm not shocked or surprised. That's a good long life right there, I don't care who ya are.

Robert Vaughn was part of some pretty cool series and movies. He was in the original The Magnificent Seven, which was just remade with Denzel Washington this year. The Man From UNCLE was on television for four seasons, Stephanie Powers was part of a one-season spin-off, The Girl From UNCLE; there was an '80's television reunion movie and a remake last year with Henry (Superman) Cavill as Napoleon Solo. He was also in The Towering Inferno and Superman III. He was even on the final season of The A-Team!

That's a pretty impressive career to look back over. Not to be sad at all about.