Want a weekend away from everyone, but don't want to do just another hotel? You want a unique place, someplace none of your friends have been. A lot of people love AIR BNB for just this reason. You find a town you like, you hit ABNB and boom, you find a place to get away. Even if you're reading this just because you're curious, trust me, you will want to stay at one or all of these...and they're all pretty darn close to Rochester!

First, let's start with The Red Wing Church House. St Peter's Lutheran church has been turned into a 4,500 square foot home! Room enough for 8, it has three bedrooms, four beds, and two baths. It runs around $345. Here are some samples, but you really want to see all of them here.

The Gypsy Wagon's host describes it as a 6' x 12' bohemian caravan hideaway in S Minneapolis...and that's exactly what it is. Right in your host's backyard. It has one bed, is perfectly cozy for two guests, and if you want to shower or relieve yourself, that's in the main house. Plus the price is way under $100! See the listing and all the pictures here.

And finally, The Pink Castle! In Hudson, Wisconsin, this is everything you would expect from someplace called the Pink Castle! This is the pinkest and the most expensive of the three. Four bedrooms, seven beds, four baths, and holds 14 guests. Split the price between you and you're staying in an 1883 mansion filled with everything pink, everything sassy, and an amazing hot tub and a workout room you have to see to believe! Click HERE for the listing and pictures you'll call your friends over to see.

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