The rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave was miraculous. The joy of the moment encompassed us all as we breathed a sigh of relief. On the air, we started wondering who'd been rescued (or did the rescuing). Stories came out that will amaze you.

Daphne Lynn Smith - My fiance was given an award by the MN State Troopers for his outstanding Participation in a rescue he had nothing to do with. My husband co-owns a pressure washing business in Albert Lea, MN and was up in Lakeville for the day and was headed home on the interstate when he saw an accident happen and a big truck catch on fire, He had a pressure washing hose and a giant tank of water in the back so he pulled over and immediately started putting out the fire. If it wasn't for him that man would have burned alive..He was able to mostly contain the fire until the fire department got there and they instructed him to continue to help! A true hero 💙


Bonnie Adkisson - I was walking my 3 dogs behind Mayo High School, by the river. At the time there was no leash law and my dogs were running free. All of a sudden I couldn't find my little bear, a border terrier. I kept calling, then I heard the frantic struggle somewhere of splashing water, I searched and searched and finally found her. She broke through the ice and couldn't get out of the water!

There happened to be a huge branch running out over the ice about 6 feet away from her. I used that branch to get out to her and brought along thick stick I found in the woods, she's frantic by now. I went out to the end and tried to use the stick, and instantly knew it wouldn't pull her out. I prepared myself for a break in the ice, all in seconds and stretched my body across the ice towards her...I still was not close enough!

I nudged closer, scared I got on my knees, it was very thin ice, and got her out and back to land. I carried her 2 miles back to my house soaking wet in the middle of winter, she was shaking so bad. I have never let my dogs off leash in the winter again. Would I do it again? Definitely!


Marjo Jill Baertsch I found a girl wandering the river road in Winona very early one morning while on my way to work. She was out with friends and got drunk and lost. Put her in my car and drove her home where the police were looking for her. Her friends must have called them when they couldn't find her.

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