Everybody has a bad day, right? Usually, they're called "Monday". So what's a great way, or three, to relax in, like, thirty seconds?

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According to science, the worst thing a person could do to "blow off steam" after having a bad day would be to go to the fitness center and "working" it all out. Not that exercise or fitness is a bad thing. Just not so much a good idea after a bad day. Science says that when a person is already upset or angry after a bad day, that person is already at a health risk. Exercising in that condition only magnifies a bad thing, and increases a person's health risk. A person that exercises angry or upset after a bad day is three times more likely to have a heart attack.

So, what's a person to do?

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Me, I just look to kick back in my comfy chair with something cold to drink and maybe stream an episode or two of Friends or NCIS...maybe catch up on Stranger Things. I'm a comic book geek, so there's that.

But what works for me may not work for any one else.

Science has figured out some things that do work to relax a person in as little as thirty seconds!



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    Leave The Room

    Science found that it's as simple as a change of environment. Notre Dame did a study in 2010 that found we have a rest button! A simple thing like leaving the room, presses that reset button. So, if you're feeling stressed, just leave your office, cubicle, workstation or desk for a break. Just try to remember what you walked into the other room for...

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    Go outside

    Not too long ago, a study done in Scotland found that being in nature is relaxing. Science also found that walking around in fresh air can actually boost a person's mood in just a few minutes. So, find an open field, and just run. Run with your tongue hanging flying in the breeze like nooooooooo body's watching!

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    It does a body good. Science has found that a good laugh releases tension and lowers blood pressure. Now, a good, maniacal cackle...

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