The struggle is real!  Have you ever had to wear a winter coat at work in the middle of summer because the air conditioning is a bit "messed up" in the building where you work?  One spot it is a steady 73 degrees.  But, your desk is 61 and your hands are now frozen.  Well, this is happening all over our work areas in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and that's what my work-life is like right now.  I went looking for some options to stay warm and found something that is...well, let's just say, it would turn a few heads at the office.

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Am I in menopause or is my office building just having hot flashes?

I know I'm old(er) but I honestly feel like this is a work thing and not a body thing.  Here's why - When I'm at work, I walk around with a tank top on, some sort of sweater or hoodie, and then even on the days when it is 90 degrees outside, I've got my winter coat by my side.  If you felt my hands right now, you would realize that I am a frozen popsicle.

I'd rather be cold than hot but right now, I am looking for a few options to warm up, just a tad.  As I was scrolling around the 'ol internet world, I found a solution that is unique.  And "Unique" is the only word that I have for the Laptop Compubody Sock.


Meet the most unusual way to stay warm (or get some privacy) while on a computer.

See, I told you.  Your mouth is hanging open right now, isn't it?

Just in case this is the best thing you've ever seen and you want one too, you can make one for yourself.  You can see all of the step-by-step directions here.

What is the temperature set to where you work?

Is it too warm?  Set at a certain temp?  Maybe you freeze like I do?  Maybe this is a "boss" thing and they are all freezing us out because it leads to better productivity?  Let me know what work life is like for you and send me a message over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or on Instagram.

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