Ranch lovers, here's the best news you are going to hear all week:  there are three new secret sauces coming out.  IKR!?


The news has been a secret for a bit but it is official now. Hidden Valley Ranch Secret Sauce is the name of the three new sauces that will be on shelves in Minnesota this April.  According to Simplemost.com, the three new flavors will be Original Ranch Secret Sauce, Spicy Secret Sauce, and Hidden Vallen Ranch Smokehouse Secret Sauce.

  • Original Ranch Secret Sauce - Perfect for topping a burger.  It is a sauce inspired by restaurants that is a tangy, garlicky buttermilk sauce.
  • Spicy Secret Sauce - taco lovers will be getting a kick out of this one!  It has a bit of heat and is a “creamy flavor bomb”.
  • Hidden Valley Ranch Smokehouse Secret Sauce - great sauce to dip those fries into.  Smoky buttermilk and herbs mixed together with a barbecue flavor.

Do you have a ranch lover at your house that puts the white stuff on everything?    I’d love to hear about their weirdest food combination with Ranch dressing. Send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

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