I met a friend for coffee at the Subway Caribou (the coolest Bou in town, with the fireplace!), and passed some shops I'd never noticed before. 

These aren't so much secret, as kinda hidden or easy to pass without thinking much about 'em because they're so small...but I know I'll be back to all of 'em!


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    The Chocolate Oasis

    How did I miss this before? The aroma of chocolate alone shoulda tipped me off, but it's at a spot, neat Webber and Judd, that you have to make a quick right and left, and I guess I've always been too busy trying NOT to run into people, I just didn't see it.

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    The Kahler Barber Shop

    This one has a little history with me. A stylist is not a barber, and a barber is not a stylist. They're two different things, and a lot of the time, I want a barber shop. Especialyl when it comes to chairs, conversations, and the way they cut.

    Two summers ago, I searched "barbers" and this place came up. But I spent an hour looking for this place, and could not find it! Then, Thursday, boom! An old school barber shop right there in front o fme.

    I think they were usiing cloaking technology.

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    Scrub Your Butt Soap Company

    I checked...it's soap for more than just y'butt, but I love the name! LOVE IT!


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