I spent the '80's graduating from High School, getting my first job, and proposing to my sweetheart. She helped me launch my career in the next decade.

This weekend, my wife and I are celebrating our 27th Wedding Anniversary. That's "Purple Heart", right?

When we got married, I was working in the mailroom. Great place to start at any company. Most people that work in the mailroom end up becoming the President or CEO of the company. Cathy told me I had a face voice for radio. So, by day, I worked in the mailroom and by night I was taking broadcasting classes.

I got my first job at a station in Rockford, Illinois. It was so cool, because, I got to meet celebrities. It was the early '90's and Garth Brooks was a big deal, so everybody wore a cowboy hat. Even me.

Tim McGraw from the Bergchives
Tim McGraw from the Bergchives

I shared this picture on Facebook on Monday for Tim McGraw's birthday. You probably recognize him from the movies he's made, like The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock, or The Shack, that was just in theaters, or Tomorrowland. What's hilarious about this picture is that HE usually wears a cowboy hat when he's performing. Here, he's wearing a baseball cap. I'm the one with the cowboy hat...bottle cap glasses, beard and goofy grin. James Rabe saw the picture and commented,

Now THAT is a hat!"

The Med City Movie Guy Chris Miksanek gave it a like with the thumbs-up. So did my buddy from down the hall, Curt St. John. All ABC 6 News anchor Laura Lee could post was the shocked emoji. Yes some things are just too much for words. Hey, it was the early '90's.

Somewhere around '98 or '99, everybody BUT Tim McGraw (and, maybe a couple others) STOPPED wearing cowboy hats.

Did you ever see Keith Urban on American Idol wearing a cowboy hat?

What d'y'all think of this new one we're playing by Keith Urban?

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