A woman has sparked a debate after she created a TikTok series about sliding into the DMs of husbands whose wives have left mean comments on her page to test their loyalty.

On Aug. 22, TikTok user @RoxyStylezz26 uploaded the first video of her series, “I’m coming for your husband.” It has over 5 million views of the nurse and OnlyFans creator explaining how she planned to reach out to the significant others of those who left negative comments on her videos. She clarified that she would not actually take anyone’s “seconds” but just to see if they would stray from their wives.

“I’m gonna message some girls’ husbands, and I’m gonna show you the responses,” she said. “All you women who thought it was such a good idea to comment on my video nasty things, this goes out to you. I am gonna find your husbands today, and we have the first account already picked.”

Stylez then showed four accounts of women who she claimed left her nasty comments.

The reactions from viewers have been mixed. Some people praised her for her vigilante justice.

“This is a level of petty that I can fully support,” one user wrote. Despite the praise from people, others believe that she is going too far with the series.

“If your relationship is this terrible that you have to be concerned about someone from the outside coming in, he or she is not the one for you,” she said in another clip. “He should be ignoring me, he should be rude to me, he should say, ‘No, I have a wife.’ If that’s not the case, then I consider it fair game… I’m coming for you.”

She has since updated her followers with follow-up videos. Stylez shared that one of the men deleted his Instagram account while another didn’t respond. However, the other two men did flirtatiously respond to her direct message.

The first responded with a flirtatious dad joke claiming that someone was using her photos on another account. He then sent a photo of outer space and said that she is “out of this world.”

The other man responded, “Honestly, your looks got my attention, but after I regained focus, holy f—-, you are hilarious too.” His wife later discovered his message.

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