You're eating spaghetti wrong. That's all there is to it. Don't worry, I've been wrong my whole life, too. What are you doing wrong?

Well, first, lemmie say I'm not here to correct you...I'm really not. I'm not the one saying you're eating spaghetti wrong...I'd never say that. After all, it's not my job to police your pasta. However, it seems to be Time Magazine's job. Or, more accurately, 1942's Time Magazine says you're eating it wrong. Really! Check out the link for some awesome 1942-woman-eating-pasta pictures, but here's the how-to breakdown...

Here's the RIGHT way to eat spaghetti . . .

  • Use your fork to separate out exactly four strands.
  • Gently and politely twirl them against a spoon.
  • Eat the entire forkful at once . . . don't nibble it or take bites.
  • DO feel free to slurp up the noodles as necessary.

Get that? FOUR STRANDS ONLY!  (lol)

Here's the fun picture part. I couldn't use the Time Magazine pictures because they're copyrighted, so I looked up historic spaghetti pics and you know what? I HIT THE MOTHERLOAD! Feast your eyes on this awesomeness!

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