What if I were to tell you, you could drive South about 28 miles and have a night of pizza, music, and dancing? Sounds good, right? Well, let's add to it. Woodfired vegetarian pizza. On a farm (a working farm so keep your kids near y'all). The music is live, and the air is fresh and clean. If you bring your kids, they'll be tuckered out from the fun (nature has a way of being the best sleep aid, right?).


It's a farm called Dream Acres, and on Fridays, they do Pizza on the Farm. I had no idea this place existed until I met a husband and wife still excited about their visit the night before. The most surprising thing they said was how calm and relaxed they were when they left.

They said the pizza was really good, but being there is what made it great. What kinds of pizzas? Vegetarian pizzas with a lot of options, or set pizzas like in the sample menu (You can click on it to get a larger version).

So, grab some place settings, something to drink, and head toward Spring Valley. Just follow these directions. By the way, the music and dancing aren't every Friday, just on the 14th, when Root River Jam performs.

WHAT: Pizza on the Farm
WHEN: Fridays 'til the end of September
WHAT TIME: 5:00 PM 8:00 PM (or until the dough is done)
COST: $15 - $25 per pizza. 

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