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When you do something dumb, like stealing an election sign, don't compound it by doing something even dumber. That's the kind of advice most kids get from their parents (or a sit com in the 90's). Apparently, that message did NOT come thru loud and clear for Peter De Yager in Iowa.

According to the CBC, The Dickinson County News reported Mr. De Yager was caught stealing a political sign from someone's yard. A Joe Biden sign, to be specific. He pleaded guilty and everyone thought that was that.

But that was most certainly not that...not when Mr. De Yager's name ended up being printed in the Dickinson County News for all to read. Sure it was only a few lines, and buried inside the part of the paper reporting what went on in town police, crime, and court-wise. Three little sentences caused the Iowa businessman to chuckle and say, "Boy, did I pull a boner there, Ethel!"

No. Because, as I said, THAT was certainly not that. The newspaper learned coppies of the papers in local stores went missing. And back to court pleading guilty for Mr. De Yager. This time for stealing $20 or so worth of newspapers in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

The story about the guy stealing papers after his name appeared in them for stealing a political sign (a Joe Biden sign, remember?) stole our hearts, and now it's a nationwide story.

What's the lesson? Don't try to cover up a mistake with an even BIGGER mistake. It's the cover-up that gets you!

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