The Super Bowl's Selfie Kid took the world by storm, and Tuesday, I'm going to select the Y-105FM Selfie Kid that'll become Rochester's newest star, so enter now! If you're 13-18-years-old, and wanna be on the Y-105FM Early Morning Show, plus grab a bunch of swag, scroll down and enter!

The swag includes you're own Selfie Spoon, 5 boxes of their favorite cereal, Y-105FM T-shirts for the whole family, and more!

I'm looking for someone that is all over social media, has something to talk about (maybe you're in a club, a play, doing a service project, on a ministry, whatever), and would love to grow your social media profile, Scroll down, tell us about you, and then we'll get you and a friend (plus a parent or guardian) in the studio for at least an hour of the Y-105FM Early Morning Show!

Listen to James Rabe in the mornings from 6a to 10a on Y105 FM.

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