Okay, what to do on the first day of the New Year, well, you are probably tired from staying up too late and celebrating on New Year’s Eve!
Here are some ideas to start out your new year:

1) Watch Football
New Year’s Day is a big day for College Football!
Check out ESPN.com for the most up to date schedule.

2) Take a Hot Yoga Class
Yoga is well known for healing, cleansing and renewal effects. Hot Yoga classes are taught in a heated room, with temperatures ranging from 90 degrees to 104 degrees. The heat promotes muscle flexibility and sweating, which helps get the toxins (ex. bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve) out of your body.

3) Set Personal Goals and New Year’s Resolutions
The beginning of a new year is a fresh start and a great time to think about what you want to accomplish. Most common New Year’s resolutions include to: lose weight, exercise more, eat better, stop smoking, and spend more time with family and friends, volunteer and save money and/or get out of debt.

 Although the stats vary, it’s estimated that less than 10% of the population takes the time to formally define their goals.

4) Host a New Year’s Day Brunch
Invite your friends and family over for a New Year’s Day brunch.

5) Re-connect with Friends, Extended Family and Colleagues
You can never have too many friends and New Year’s Day is the perfect day of the year to reach out to those who you haven’t spoken to in a while.

6) Clean Out The Fridge on New Year's Day!
7) Go See a New Year's Matinee Movie
Seeing a newly released movie with family and friends is a New Year’s Day tradition for many.
8) Put Holiday Decorations Back In Storage
9) Shop After Christmas - New Year’s Day Sales
10) Do A Whole Lotta Nothing!
Get up as late as possible, lounge around in comfy clothes, drink mimosas, down an entire bag of potato chips or a plate of homemade cookies, order in Chinese Food or Pizza, watch a Law and Order marathon, cuddle etc. etc. etc.

Relax and enjoy the start of a new year!