On a family trip, my parents forgot me at a rest area. I was 7, and was just walking out of the bathroom when I saw the station wagon pull away. I asked you about being left behind and got some great stories!

A few people asked how I could have been left behind. Well, I was the 6th and last child, I was tiny, I was riding in the cargo area of this awful old station wagon (I mostly slept back there...the fumes kept me pretty quiet), and I'm sure everyone thought I'd just settled in.

Also, my dad could be super impatient. So, yeah.

I don't think I was scarred, though. I love rest areas, and stop at way more than I need to (good to get up, walk around on long trips).

The Top Three Rochester left behind stories...

  • Bruce Mikells
    Bruce Mikells

    The Grocery Store Leave Behind

    The Epic Story by Susan Okima Vickmark-Torkelson

    I was newly separated with 4 young kids. My youngest was just a few months old...Pete. I was working at staying in the moment and not freaking out about being the only one responsible for four little people. So on the way to the grocery store I was running through my head how to make it an uneventful trip. I gave each of the 3 older kids a picture of what they were going to shop for on their list to keep them occupied.

    I decided we would get some exercise while we were at it. I parked in the neighboring Shopko lot. I figured the lot was less busy so when we were loading groceries I wouldn’t have to worry about a kiddo getting squished. We got out...I grabbed new baby Pete and we hiked to Hy-Vee. When we got there I put Pete in a baby cart. Back then Hy-Vee had carts they pulled through their checkout parked your cart at the end of the checkout and they unloaded it...and pulled your cart through to the other side.

    While I was checking out I asked the checker to please put the items in several bags evenly since we had a ways to walk. Cart is empty....Pete and the cart get pulled to the other side. I start going through the bags to figure out which kiddo could carry which bag to help out. Sorted things by weight...gave them each a couple bags to carry and thought...phew! We made it through the first shopping trip Together!

    We walked out and my attention was on keeping everyone together and out of the incoming traffic lane. Got to the car and I gathered everyone’s bags and buckled them in their car seats...until I noticed Pete’s car seat. Totally freaked!

    OMG I forgot Pete! I told Andrew...then 8 to keep an eye on the other in their car seats....and ran like the wind back to get Pete. The ladies were laughing when I came in. They said they figured someone would miss him pretty soon.

    I apologized profusely to him...even though he wasn’t old enough to know any better. Of course NOW he knows and reminds me on occasion that I forgot him. Ha! I’d like to think I would never have gone more than a few minutes without realizing I was missing a kiddo...but I usually end up walking through what I judge.

    For Pete’s sake I never would have thought I’d forget Pete!

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    "Hey, get more napkins, Chris..." VROOOOM They Leave

    Chris Hoban Herrera

    We were on a trip to Northern WI - pulling our camper. In the back seat were my 2 sisters, my German Shepard and Me. I think I was about 10 at the time and we made a stop at Dairy Queen in a small town on the way.

    My parents sent me back inside to get more napkins- when I cam out - they were 1/2 way down the block- I ran after the car and camper yelling "wait for me!!!!!" After a few more blocks they noticed I was running behind them.

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    Her Mom Was My Dad

    Amanda Uhler

    Not on a vacation but when i was younger about 16, my mom would take me to a doctor appointment, run errands, and then go home without me.

    Seriously, my dad was like this. Tho he was even better at forgetting us on the way to work. We usually walked to school, but now and then, "Jump in, I'll give you a ride to school." We'd jump in, and arrive at his office. He'd look in the back seat...ohp!  (James) 

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