How could I have gotten it so wrong?! I thought I had it so right!


Cathy and Dave

I thought for sure that my wife, Cathy, had this amazing connection to Shawn Mendez. He just discovered The Vampire Diaries and started binge watching it on Netflix in his downtime.

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That's like one of my wife's favorite shows! He's obsessed with the show to the point that he thinks he might be a vampire himself...and he'd like to play a character on the show.

How cool is that? If it all works out she'll get to see him on one of her favorite shows!

She heard me talking about her and Shawn. And she corrected me. She's moved on from The Vampire Diaries. Somehow I missed the memo on that one from her. We've been married for 26 years - you would think that after all that time, I would just know, right?! - Ha!

Here's what she's binge-watching now:

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    The Originals

    From what she tells me, The Originals are like the parents - or is it the ancestors? - of the two vampires, Stefan and Damien, from the The Vampire Diaries. There's supposed to be just as much drama and tension - if not more - for The Originals as there is on The Vampire Diaries.

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    Blue Bloods

    Between Netflix and Hulu, she discovered this show awhile back. She's not a big fan of Magnum, PI, but she remembers that one time that Tom Selleck guest-starred on Friends. There's a lot of action and drama and then they all talk about it at the end of the episode at the dinner table.

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    I thought for sure she was going to cry when I told her it was the end of "Caskett". This is her all-time favorite, go-to show. Now, she's heartbroken that Stana Katic won't be returning next season. She liked Tamala Jones as the coroner, Lainie, too. She's not coming back next season, either. And with the season being cut down to thirteen episodes...

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