What does your dream house look like?

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There's a new survey that asked people what they want in their dream home. The top five things are pretty ordinary boring, like a bathroom attached to every bedroom; walk-in closets; a balcony; a relaxation or meditation room; and a library. Really, those should have been the bottom five things. The actual bottom five things people want in their dream home are much more interesting.

Although, no one mentioned a 'Batcave' underneath their basement...

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    Bowling Alley

    If we're anything alike, you and I probably enjoy our home bowling on Wii. In other words, a virtual home bowling alley. With our kids, we go with the 100 pin lane. How cool would it be to have a single, two or three lane bowling alley? Now that's a dream home!

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    Another thing that says "dream home" is an aquarium. Maybe not one that you could actually sit inside and eat your dinner on, but something a little bigger than the traditional fish tank. I've always dreamed of taking one wall in the house and turning it into an aquarium. Maybe something for our downstairs family room. Someday...

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    Wine Cellar

    Before we started our family, my wife and I made our own wine and thought we were pretty cool because we had a wine rack. I would joke that was going downstairs into our "wine cellar" for a bottle of vino. Now that we have kids, our "wine cellar" is the back corner of the refrigerator.

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    Movie Theater

    I do like going to the movies. But sometimes, I just like sitting at home and watching a movie. A home movie theater sounds really cool for those times when I'm feeling a little anti-social.

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    Another thing we tried before we had kids was in-home exercise equipment. Makes a great clothes rack. But it does define dream home when you can turn one of the kids' rooms into an in-home fitness center.

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