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With an arctic cold set to land just in time for Veteran's Day programs across much of SE Minnesota and the Midwest, like 20-30 degrees below normal, it won't be long until we get the double whammy. Cold and snow. So stock up now on the things you'll need, rather than waiting like everyone else and risking an area store not having that item in stock that you are going to need.

1. Heated/snow melting mats for your sidewalks! These things are brilliant! Just think about all that time you just saved not having to shovel! That's at least an extra beer in your day. (There are different sizes, the one shown below is the 'commercial' version.)

2. Roof rake! These things are great to keep your roof clean and prevent ice dams from forming. Nothing worse than an ice dam. This one goes 17 feet, but I saw one that was 30ft long, so plenty of options to choose from. We got one as a wedding gift from my Uncle Jerry 3 years ago, the best wedding gift ever.

3. Snow blower! Ok now is the time to take stock of what you currently have. We all know they jack up the prices of these things the second one of these big box stores sees a snowflake falling. They have gas or electric options. Me I'm a gas snow blower guy, it adds to the cylinder index and sounds pretty badass as you are hurling snow into oblivion. Check out this pretty little thing!

If you are more of a green person that's cool here is an electric version that looks like it can handle what the #boldNorth is going to dish out this winter.

4. Shovel! Ok, I hate shoveling, hate it. It's on the same level as rail whiskey, it just shouldn't exist. But if you can't justify a snowblower I've got you covered. A shovel made for Godzilla! It's HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! Plus it's got wheels so it's a little easier to push all loaded up with snow.

5. Ice/snow melt! Why make a bunch of trips to the store this winter for ice and snowmelt. There's nothing worse than after handling all that snow you go to drop some ice/snow melt to keep your concrete looking clean and you realize Jr. used the last of it and didn't say anything. No worries, plus you don't have to go to the store. It comes to you! Look at this 55-gallon drum of neighborhood envy! 55-gallons not enough for you? You've got the option for 275 gallons should you need to do the airport runway.

BONUS ITEM! So I just got one of these this summer and I am daring Mother Nature and Old Man Winter to drop enough of the white stuff so I can mount my 4-wheeled steed and restore order to my driveway. I can't wait for my wife to be pounding on the window telling me to come inside after I manage to get it stuck in the lawn.

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