When you have the entire house all to yourself - what d'ya do? Here's a Top 5 of the most common things people do when they're all alone and nobody's watching!

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My wife and I have different work schedules. So, after getting the kids on the bus, and she heads off to work, I have some "kickin' around time" before I have to be in to the office. Do you have that kinda time? What do you do with that time?

Here's what most people do with that kind of time:

5. Walk around naked

4. Work out

3. Clean

2. Eat junk food

1. Take a nap

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All the things that a person could do around the house with a little extra "me time"; like start a woodworking project; organize the sock drawer; literally dance like no one is watching - because nobody IS watching - and we all decide to crash on the couch.

Yeah, I have kids, too. So maybe instead of dancing with joy that I have some alone time, I'm gonna crash on the sofa, too.